Monday, 30 May 2016


Lean is far more than a set of tools. It able to shape the behavior by using metric. It is rather than a thinking per se and will enable to produce the desired results ultimately. 

Step 1: Specify Value

Define value from the ULTIMATE CUSTOMER’S perspective. Express value in terms of a specific product, which meets the customer's needs at a specific price and at a specific time.

Step 2: Value Stream

Identify the value stream, all the required steps to bring a specific product through the three critical management tasks of any business: the problem-solving task, the information management task, and the physical transformation task. Identify and eliminate waste in the Current State.

Step 3: Process Flow

Make the remaining steps in the value stream flow smoothly and completely. Eliminate functional barriers and develop a product-focused organization that dramatically improves lead-time.

Step 4: Pull

Let the customer pull products as needed and required.

Step 5: Perfection

There is endless to the process of reducing effort, time, space, cost, and mistakes.

To achieve such a profound result, a task force is required to take ownership of the lean project. 5 major areas to be taken well care of:-

1.     Control Your Boundaries
Know what resources, capabilities, know-how you have.

2.     Give meaning to action
By aligning your process to meet the customer’s needs

3.     Motivating & driving your team
Through regular flash meeting.

4.     Delegating simple problem solving

        5.   Managing the Process Plan

Thursday, 26 May 2016





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Wednesday, 25 May 2016



LIFE is wonderful and you never know when you will have chance again to do what you had missed in the past. Some of you may be well aware that I have attended a three full day workshop with Frontier Training led by its founder, Clinton Swaine. He is famous for his duper powerful game plans.

This workshop reminded me of my first ever tough Personal Development Leadership course conducted by Datuk Lawrence Chan, in nearly two decades back. During the course, we were stretched far more than twelve hours during the entire period of the course. I never felt the pains, but enjoyed instead.

This time, I am still able to enjoy throughout the whole course despite it is more than 12 hours training. See the photos attached below. I truly have my good time playing with these adult from all ages, which compensate my missed childhood which I had gone through.

Again, the self-reflection enable me to link back the missing dots and let me refresh my old memories like I was sent back to my childhood era. See the photo on how playful I was and begun to realise that I learn faster while playing, especially when you have chance to meet up with those old or familiar faces around the workshop. Many lessons learned. Immediately after the course, I was drawn to review my existing training course, where appropriate.

I found this workshop fruitful in many aspects and it drives me to think much deeper on my courses and to ascertain the direction I am heading to. I began to realise how powerful the game plan can be as training tools for adults. You may be aware that most adults dislike being told. What should the trainer do when dealing with this type of adults?

After a serious consideration, I came out with a smart strategy by embedding those key principles into the games and let them either self-discover or realize them after each game. What a wonderful idea is this?

Now, I hope you are able to see how blessed is my life to have such a wonderful opportunity to stay alive in my life. I am not able to move forward as a young and upcoming trainer who constantly seek better ideas to improve every aspect of my profession.

Great thanks to this brilliant Mentor, Clinton, for being highly creative and passionate in his fields. He truly drives my imagination go wild again and keep dreaming after I recovered from my physical tiredness from his workshop.

Again, this reflection technique prompted me to revisit my exiting direction and adjust if appropriate. It also enables me to link back to those missing dots so that I can able to reassess the big picture of my life. Where I need to focus? I am truly grateful for being given such a chance.

What matters most is whether I am truly heading to the direction I wanted. There is no shame to admit and accept the mistakes I made. What is shameful is knowing that we had taken the wrong step, yet refused to change for the better. By denying self-accountability, I am heading to self-destruction. So, listen to our inner voices and take appropriate actions if need to do so.This technique is basically enables me to build a strong and unshakeable foundation to move forward fearlessly.

Knowing that mastering any skill needs lots of courage and energy. One needs to stay laser focus on the goals instead of problems. Strong pillar is pre-requisite to build a great building. As time passes, this strong foundation and mental toughness enable us to produce more with less. I have even pledged to publish my articles in 20 magazines and journals within next two years in addition to publish my eBook in hardcopy during this workshop.

To make more things happen, I not only need to enhance the value of my service from the customer’s perspective but also reduce waste if I cannot eliminate them. In short, I need to continue to put the lean practice wider. Redefine my existing work process to make them leaner apart from adopting disruptive model to have breakthrough result.

Getting out from the building and experiencing the reality rather than solely relying on those assumptions that back my strategy, adjust if appropriate. Day in and day out, I need to rewire my mind to ensure that I gather the real valuable feedback.

The more I learn the better I will be. Feedback is the breakfast of success. Change creates opportunity. So embrace change and stay alive. To stay alive is keep learning and growing. Uncertainty makes life much more wonderful. Keep digging in and explore 

Sunday, 15 May 2016



That’s the reason this course is designed with the intention to equip the participants to acquire those basic essential Lean principles and practices easily and successfully. We are firm believers of doing is believing.

Trust you will enjoy the games/exercise during this workshop as these games have been smartly embedded with the fundamental principles for detailed learning; effective outcome and better opportunities for growth. To reap the maximum benefits, active participation to all the games is crucially important. So, Have fun while learning.

To internalize yourself that you seize every opportunity to sustain your personal development growth, you are constantly invited to apply this powerful 5Rs technic. Recognize the opportunity; Recalibrate your radar for new opportunity; Repeat, revalue and develop what is lacking; Rewire your mind and Reinforce value if applicable so that you are well equipped.

Repetition is key to any mastery. To have a breakthrough result, you need to redefine the process of mastery.

Always remember a man’s world is the projection of his mind. When your mind is weak, you see the problem. When your mind is balanced, you see the challenge. When your mind is strong, you see the opportunity.

Friday, 6 May 2016



Thanks everyone for your kind overwhelming support that turns this May 2016 to be another awesome month for me. Blessings bleed blessings and how lovely wonderful life is especially when you see how significant contribution you can play in grooming larger magnitude of people to thrive in this not so promising global economy with much more challenges than ever before. However, by looking at the flip side of the coin, it makes life even more challenging and rewarding.

On this note, just as usual my articles will again be featured in the numerous magazines such as Money Compass, Financial First, Property Insight and Home Finder which is for the very first time. I am deeply grateful to Simon Loh for given me such an opportunity to publish my article in his
esteemed magazine.

                                                         Property Insight, May 2016

Homefinder, May 2016

My first self-developed course for the year finally took off yesterday, Lean Finance. It was so overwhelming despite my first sharing with the Buddhist Business Networking last evening at one of the restaurant in PJ.

Attach below please find the photo that show the first book for the year which I have received this month from the master trainer, Brother Chan of Quantum Leap Technology. Wow! What a great action from this master trainer, who had rewarded me with such an invaluable gift from his labour of love. The title of his book reminded me of my first book, Better Than The Best, which also instill the un-sinkable mindset. It cannot be coincidence and it must happen for a good reason. Time will reveal the purpose of this meet and it happened when a mutual friend, brought me to this esteemed association. It is truly a small world.

Last but not least, I write to record my heartfelt thanks to Bro Chan for given me such a great book for me to equip with numerous unsinkable powerful practical sales tips and technique that no one can afford to miss if one wants to excel in sales. The author is no other than Master Trainer, Bro TK Chan himself.

Thing does not end here and he even permit me to interview him and I will publish it out at this blog in due course.

I shall write a review once I have read this great book. Stay tune for more exciting stories ahead. I can sense much more blessings coming along and I shall report to you guys as usual, from time to time. To me giving is receiving the more you give, the more you received.

I was not only showered with so many impressive testimonials the day after. I also received an enquiry from another group of my contacts on the similar course with very minimum amendments. Thanks Lord for opening up another new door for me in times of need.

James Oh

Value Creation Specialist

Thursday, 5 May 2016


Why I Am Passionate About Life

What matters most in life if not life itself? To have a life is to set yourself free from all the rat races; free from comparison and competition with others. This is because each of us was created for its own purpose. In other words, life is an examination and everyone has different question. Basically, we can’t just copy others’ answer for our given question. Hope I have made it clear to you.

Dig deeply inside us, find and understand who we truly are.  What we truly desire? Understand ourselves accurately and listen to our inner voice by cutting through the external noise. Stay on living the present. Be cautious of the fact that day in and day out, our brains are continuously distracted and disrupted by millions of external noises. How easily we can be tempted if we are not in control of our own selves. Stay calm, my dearest friends.

People often ask me "why are you so passionate about grooming people to be wealthy?"

My reason is profoundly simple. And it's not what you may think...

To me, having a life is to live freely and live in your own terms. What matters for you is to please your own self and no one can live for you and neither can you live for others. Why live to please others by impressing others. Nothing can buy inner happiness. What we need to do is to have the ability to choose consciously. And that is exactly why I am so passionate about helping others to consciously make their own choice based on their own informed decision.

Imagine this: you are a normal capable human being of any age and have the desire to change careers, you get married or divorced, you have children or grandchildren, and you have no freedom to do what you love and working for a pay check monthly. You are basically working like a robot and not having a life of your own. It is heart sickening and sad.

What FREEDOM does this give you to choose what you would like to spend your time doing? What FREEDOM does this give you on where you're going to spend your time? Not much at all. Your time is going to be devoted to your job and your money is going to be devoted to paying the bills. We are basically going to through your life doing all this ongoing routinely boring jobs. Worst still, what if it is totally against your own conscious choice.

Now.... WHAT IF, in addition to the passive income that generates from your labour of love and you have more time of your own to do what you love. Make your own dreams unfold one by one, ultimately leading you to spend more time to make others’ dreams happen. Making a better world and better living place for every human. Wow! How amazingly beautiful job you have created for yourself. What amazingly beautiful world we all are working towards.

What FREEDOM would this passive income enable every of us to live our lives based on our own conscious choice? Just imagine of having a life spending couple of hours a day (or more) online in managing, growing and maintaining what you love to do. WHAT IF, you could turn these actions into money generating ventures and activities? What if you were paid couple of dollars every visit you made on your smart phone? That's consistently generating couple of hundred a day or few thousands per year. I would say that is a pretty damn wise investment of time and efforts, wouldn't you?

This is why I do what I love doing rather than follow the traditional means of going to school, get a good degree and venture into a career field. Then overnight I lost my career and salary that may drive me crazy, which some of you are well aware what I had gone through.

Fortunately, I managed to discover my life purpose at my late forties. I vowed that I would never allow anyone to dictate my financial situation and my conscious choice. Thereafter, I dared to venture into internet world and plot my own unique path moving towards my own dream. Day in and day out, I live in present and stay focus on the opportunities I created for myself. THAT is exactly how I direct my effort doing what I do best. Dig deeply to understand your true self and follow your intuitive to lead the way you desire. As time passed by, I established more intimate relationship with my inner self and managed to cut through most of the external voices, if not all. I then realized that I am overwhelmed by my inner voice and eventually I give in to my inner voice. I surrendered to my inner voice and let it set me free from all self-inflicted fears and doubts.

Now, I am ready to share openly with others who aspire to follow their own inner voices, to create their own unique path working towards their own desired purpose. That is why I am so passionate about helping people create passive income that enable them to have FREEDOM to do what they love, what they do best, with whom they love to work with. Fear will not hold them back.

Bear in mind always that Money cannot buy inner happiness, but it is only through FREEDOM! What are you waiting for? Are you not doing yourself a great favour by creating your FREEDOM now? Drop me an email and let's talk today!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Nearly 20 business owners, entrepreneurs and Buddhist Associations members gathered on Monday, 2nd May 2016 to hear my latest financial solution offerings that can help them to transform their finance and business management to achieve productivity, versatility and gain competitive advantage.
It was thrilling to hear comments in the halls, see people taking pictures of the screens during sessions, and network with each other – thank you so much to my attendees for a fantastic day!
We trust you have found the sessions to be useful for you to consider embarking on the lean finance journey to enhance your financial intelligence skills and capabilities. We welcome any queries and will be more than happy to discuss further if you wish to have a chat.

Thanks Brother Chan for his thoughtful and invaluable gift and thanks given to Ester who has linked me to this awesome group.

Wishing you all the best!

James Oh

Value Creation Specialist

NB :

Thanks James Oh for a very witty and creative talk on how to use LEAN FINANCIAL STRATEGIES to help overcome a financial storm. ⛈🌪☔

From Master Trainer

Brother Tye Kooi CHAN
Quantum Leap Technology

Thank you bro James Oh. It was both an honor and a pleasure to chair the meeting with you as the speaker. The points you raised in your presentation were succinct and apt. And in a rather creative way too. I like the way you purposefully but subtly elicit the audience participation to drive home your points /message.

From Brother Lim Cheng Jeen
MD Automation & Control Systems Sdn Bhd

Monday, 2 May 2016


It is an undeniable fact that reflection is an imperative powerful tool to ascertain whether we are heading the way we desired. Where have I spent those memorable areas that drove and mould me the way I wanted? I then realized that I have spent nearly 30 years in Selangor where I received my higher learning and built my professional career here.  I had moved out from my hometown, Penang, which was known as the Pearl of the Orient at one time.

This island gave me many sweet memories, it is where I received my early education; earned many life lessons and earned my early living. Imagine spending almost twenty years there. Now, I am able to link back the missing dots clearly why I was put there to build my foundation together with my chess mentor and many friends who had touched my life before I migrated to Selangor. 

In between the thirty years spent in Selangor, I also spent slightly more than a year both in KL and Sabah respectively in my early professional career where I was given much heavier roles and responsibilities as a branch accountant. There, I was basically in charge of three projects spreading from Kinabatangan, Labuan and Miri.  I never expected to have a chance to travel back to Sabah and Sarawak last year when I was conducting my training at both places. It is truly a real refreshing, sweet and long lasting memory. 

To enrich my life experience, I never expected to be able to work almost a year in Singapore during my late forties. Another great stop where I was exposed to entertainment and movies industry which inspire me to pursue and plot my celebrity path as a trainer, speaker, author and entrepreneur journey where my life just begin afresh before I hit 50. Now, things are even clearer as time passes and I am working closer to my ultimate dream. Thanks to those supporters who have relentlessly supported me.

I then discovered my life purpose and I never regret my new discovered journey. Day in and day out, I keep pursuing towards my dream effortlessly. What I can say is that I am truly enjoying my new found work which I have passion for. At the time of writing, I had self-published 8 eBooks specializing in value creation. I have been widely and regularly featured in numerous local magazines and journals which I can significantly contribute back to the community which I had benefited from.

I also self-developed numerous training programs based on my real personal and professional experience. I had conducted the programs through numerous professional institutions and internal business club where I shared my insight experience with those who attended my courses. Now I have been contacted to serve as associate trainer overseas,

Thanks to my previous employers for their support in sending me to various seminars and workshop both local and overseas and equipping me well with all the relevant skills, know-how and mind set. It had helped me discharged my jobs up-to their satisfaction.  I also recalled when the time I was being sent to Europe for almost a month to pick up my initial aviation knowledge there.  Thereafter, I was being sent annually to negotiate with the world leading insurance, reinsurance and financial leaders for better and finer terms and rates for our fleet of aircraft. My exposure in these areas was priceless in the sense that I always used my creative way to make many unexpected highly profitable deals for my organization at that time. I must confess that I felt that I never worked a day in my profession as I enjoyed using all my know how to structure the deal to the best I could. I truly benefited from the travel I made and the people I met from all overall the world. I spent almost two weeks in US where I met up with the aviation maintenance providers and aviation suppliers to standardize our parts programs. That also significantly drove me to overcome all odds to get the company listed on the KLSE market despite it was rejected three times consecutively. We fought hard with numerous nightmares but we endured through this painful journey. We made it at last.

This truly made my imagination run wild where we had even went through unexpected means to structure our financial and insurance deals at the best possible rates and terms for the aviation company I worked for. All these deals saved millions of dollars for the company. In another instance, I had worked with my colleagues to remove the debenture from the first banker which funded our aircraft.

The seed which I planted did not stop there.  I even followed suit by spending almost a month in Australia in conjunction with my eldest son convocation and spreading my books and training program to several institutions there. Seeds were sowed and now waiting for the seed to grow and hopefully I am able to reap some fruits at the end of the year. I am going to celebrate my eldest son’s post graduate convocation. Of course, I am more than happy to make my dream happen. My second son and my youngest daughter were also inspired and they are working to complete their A levels before pursuing their individual dreams. I must say leadership is contagious and I never expected that they can do far more than me.

James Oh

Value Creation Specialist

Sunday, 1 May 2016


AS AT MAY 2016
James Oh is a financial, wealth and mindset specialist, thinker, leader and intensive researcher with nearly 30 years of professional working experiences in various industries such as trading, construction, aviation, movies investment and distribution. He is richly exposed in both local and international levels particularly in negotiating with the world leading aviation financiers, insurance and reinsurance brokers. 

In the course of his practice, James had held senior specialist, supervisory, managerial and leadership positions by providing success oriented strategic and operational plans to nurture the company he had worked with. His track record includes growing together with the founder of the company he worked with and get it listed and turned the company around when it was badly hit by the Asian Financial Crisis in 1996-7.

James has been featured in media multiple times such as the top investment magazine i.e. Smart Investor Magazine, Financial First, Money Compass, FlyMe360, Property Insight, Corporate Voice Journal (MAICSA), Journal of Wealth Planning and Management. He has self-published eight books, specializes in value creation.  4 out of 8 books have been upgraded to second edition and beyond. Moving beyond the Horizon is the mind skill course he has conducted for in-house program with the Non-Profit Organization. I also serve as Associate Trainer with Kaplan Institute , Singapore.

James Oh is a leading authority in the area of business strategy, sustainable growth and innovation. He has created value in his diverse capacities and roles including official registered trainer with international business club, association, professional institutions, both local and Oversea; writer with numerous local magazines; blogger in the field of financial, wealth and mindset & business consultant with a group of companies.  

His recognition goes beyond the organization as he was invited to be one of the speakers at the Secretarial Conference in Kuala Lumpur on Dec 2 & 3 2015, a conference event organized by Camfori Training Provider that featured comprehensive secretarial and financial strategies and solutions featuring 10+ thought leaders and speakers.

James graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from the National University of Malaysia, and Laws degree from the London of University (UK). He is a Chartered Accountant with the Malaysian Institute of Accountant, Certified Professional Trainer with IPMA (UK) & PSMB Certified Trainer and Competent Communicator with Toastmaster International.

James Oh can be reached at

Value Creation Specialist