Lean is far more than a set of tools. It able to shape the behavior by using metric. It is rather than a thinking per se and will enable to produce the desired results ultimately. 

Step 1: Specify Value

Define value from the ULTIMATE CUSTOMER’S perspective. Express value in terms of a specific product, which meets the customer's needs at a specific price and at a specific time.

Step 2: Value Stream

Identify the value stream, all the required steps to bring a specific product through the three critical management tasks of any business: the problem-solving task, the information management task, and the physical transformation task. Identify and eliminate waste in the Current State.

Step 3: Process Flow

Make the remaining steps in the value stream flow smoothly and completely. Eliminate functional barriers and develop a product-focused organization that dramatically improves lead-time.

Step 4: Pull

Let the customer pull products as needed and required.

Step 5: Perfection

There is endless to the process of reducing effort, time, space, cost, and mistakes.

To achieve such a profound result, a task force is required to take ownership of the lean project. 5 major areas to be taken well care of:-

1.     Control Your Boundaries
Know what resources, capabilities, know-how you have.

2.     Give meaning to action
By aligning your process to meet the customer’s needs

3.     Motivating & driving your team
Through regular flash meeting.

4.     Delegating simple problem solving

        5.   Managing the Process Plan