Thanks everyone for your kind overwhelming support that turns this May 2016 to be another awesome month for me. Blessings bleed blessings and how lovely wonderful life is especially when you see how significant contribution you can play in grooming larger magnitude of people to thrive in this not so promising global economy with much more challenges than ever before. However, by looking at the flip side of the coin, it makes life even more challenging and rewarding.

On this note, just as usual my articles will again be featured in the numerous magazines such as Money Compass, Financial First, Property Insight and Home Finder which is for the very first time. I am deeply grateful to Simon Loh for given me such an opportunity to publish my article in his
esteemed magazine.

                                                         Property Insight, May 2016

Homefinder, May 2016

My first self-developed course for the year finally took off yesterday, Lean Finance. It was so overwhelming despite my first sharing with the Buddhist Business Networking last evening at one of the restaurant in PJ.

Attach below please find the photo that show the first book for the year which I have received this month from the master trainer, Brother Chan of Quantum Leap Technology. Wow! What a great action from this master trainer, who had rewarded me with such an invaluable gift from his labour of love. The title of his book reminded me of my first book, Better Than The Best, which also instill the un-sinkable mindset. It cannot be coincidence and it must happen for a good reason. Time will reveal the purpose of this meet and it happened when a mutual friend, brought me to this esteemed association. It is truly a small world.

Last but not least, I write to record my heartfelt thanks to Bro Chan for given me such a great book for me to equip with numerous unsinkable powerful practical sales tips and technique that no one can afford to miss if one wants to excel in sales. The author is no other than Master Trainer, Bro TK Chan himself.

Thing does not end here and he even permit me to interview him and I will publish it out at this blog in due course.

I shall write a review once I have read this great book. Stay tune for more exciting stories ahead. I can sense much more blessings coming along and I shall report to you guys as usual, from time to time. To me giving is receiving the more you give, the more you received.

I was not only showered with so many impressive testimonials the day after. I also received an enquiry from another group of my contacts on the similar course with very minimum amendments. Thanks Lord for opening up another new door for me in times of need.

James Oh

Value Creation Specialist