Nearly 20 business owners, entrepreneurs and Buddhist Associations members gathered on Monday, 2nd May 2016 to hear my latest financial solution offerings that can help them to transform their finance and business management to achieve productivity, versatility and gain competitive advantage.
It was thrilling to hear comments in the halls, see people taking pictures of the screens during sessions, and network with each other – thank you so much to my attendees for a fantastic day!
We trust you have found the sessions to be useful for you to consider embarking on the lean finance journey to enhance your financial intelligence skills and capabilities. We welcome any queries and will be more than happy to discuss further if you wish to have a chat.

Thanks Brother Chan for his thoughtful and invaluable gift and thanks given to Ester who has linked me to this awesome group.

Wishing you all the best!

James Oh

Value Creation Specialist

NB :

Thanks James Oh for a very witty and creative talk on how to use LEAN FINANCIAL STRATEGIES to help overcome a financial storm. ⛈🌪☔

From Master Trainer

Brother Tye Kooi CHAN
Quantum Leap Technology

Thank you bro James Oh. It was both an honor and a pleasure to chair the meeting with you as the speaker. The points you raised in your presentation were succinct and apt. And in a rather creative way too. I like the way you purposefully but subtly elicit the audience participation to drive home your points /message.

From Brother Lim Cheng Jeen
MD Automation & Control Systems Sdn Bhd