LIFE is wonderful and you never know when you will have chance again to do what you had missed in the past. Some of you may be well aware that I have attended a three full day workshop with Frontier Training led by its founder, Clinton Swaine. He is famous for his duper powerful game plans.

This workshop reminded me of my first ever tough Personal Development Leadership course conducted by Datuk Lawrence Chan, in nearly two decades back. During the course, we were stretched far more than twelve hours during the entire period of the course. I never felt the pains, but enjoyed instead.

This time, I am still able to enjoy throughout the whole course despite it is more than 12 hours training. See the photos attached below. I truly have my good time playing with these adult from all ages, which compensate my missed childhood which I had gone through.

Again, the self-reflection enable me to link back the missing dots and let me refresh my old memories like I was sent back to my childhood era. See the photo on how playful I was and begun to realise that I learn faster while playing, especially when you have chance to meet up with those old or familiar faces around the workshop. Many lessons learned. Immediately after the course, I was drawn to review my existing training course, where appropriate.

I found this workshop fruitful in many aspects and it drives me to think much deeper on my courses and to ascertain the direction I am heading to. I began to realise how powerful the game plan can be as training tools for adults. You may be aware that most adults dislike being told. What should the trainer do when dealing with this type of adults?

After a serious consideration, I came out with a smart strategy by embedding those key principles into the games and let them either self-discover or realize them after each game. What a wonderful idea is this?

Now, I hope you are able to see how blessed is my life to have such a wonderful opportunity to stay alive in my life. I am not able to move forward as a young and upcoming trainer who constantly seek better ideas to improve every aspect of my profession.

Great thanks to this brilliant Mentor, Clinton, for being highly creative and passionate in his fields. He truly drives my imagination go wild again and keep dreaming after I recovered from my physical tiredness from his workshop.

Again, this reflection technique prompted me to revisit my exiting direction and adjust if appropriate. It also enables me to link back to those missing dots so that I can able to reassess the big picture of my life. Where I need to focus? I am truly grateful for being given such a chance.

What matters most is whether I am truly heading to the direction I wanted. There is no shame to admit and accept the mistakes I made. What is shameful is knowing that we had taken the wrong step, yet refused to change for the better. By denying self-accountability, I am heading to self-destruction. So, listen to our inner voices and take appropriate actions if need to do so.This technique is basically enables me to build a strong and unshakeable foundation to move forward fearlessly.

Knowing that mastering any skill needs lots of courage and energy. One needs to stay laser focus on the goals instead of problems. Strong pillar is pre-requisite to build a great building. As time passes, this strong foundation and mental toughness enable us to produce more with less. I have even pledged to publish my articles in 20 magazines and journals within next two years in addition to publish my eBook in hardcopy during this workshop.

To make more things happen, I not only need to enhance the value of my service from the customer’s perspective but also reduce waste if I cannot eliminate them. In short, I need to continue to put the lean practice wider. Redefine my existing work process to make them leaner apart from adopting disruptive model to have breakthrough result.

Getting out from the building and experiencing the reality rather than solely relying on those assumptions that back my strategy, adjust if appropriate. Day in and day out, I need to rewire my mind to ensure that I gather the real valuable feedback.

The more I learn the better I will be. Feedback is the breakfast of success. Change creates opportunity. So embrace change and stay alive. To stay alive is keep learning and growing. Uncertainty makes life much more wonderful. Keep digging in and explore