That’s the reason this course is designed with the intention to equip the participants to acquire those basic essential Lean principles and practices easily and successfully. We are firm believers of doing is believing.

Trust you will enjoy the games/exercise during this workshop as these games have been smartly embedded with the fundamental principles for detailed learning; effective outcome and better opportunities for growth. To reap the maximum benefits, active participation to all the games is crucially important. So, Have fun while learning.

To internalize yourself that you seize every opportunity to sustain your personal development growth, you are constantly invited to apply this powerful 5Rs technic. Recognize the opportunity; Recalibrate your radar for new opportunity; Repeat, revalue and develop what is lacking; Rewire your mind and Reinforce value if applicable so that you are well equipped.

Repetition is key to any mastery. To have a breakthrough result, you need to redefine the process of mastery.

Always remember a man’s world is the projection of his mind. When your mind is weak, you see the problem. When your mind is balanced, you see the challenge. When your mind is strong, you see the opportunity.