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I write to express my sincere thanks to everyone for making James Oh at the first page of Google Search Engine on Jan 21, 2016. Now, I have done every possible mean to reach you with the intention that you too can make wise use of those inspiring and incredible useful materials that I had made available both on line and off line.

Ten years ago, creating a website and getting it found in Google wasn’t difficult, but not now as Google had evolved and numbers of websites are increasing by day. It is really worth my efforts and time to build it to that effect. 

For your information, I also consolidate all my writing materials, training programs and other activities under http://jamesoh2003.blogspot.com.

With this platform, I hope I can continue to play more significant roles and help others to enhance their financial literacy, wealth and mindset skill. I do welcome any proposal / collaboration in these fields especially in value creation. In addition, I also do welcome any guest post in any of my blogs. 

You may find the guidelines of the guest post at the relevant website.

Thanks again and stay tune for more exciting projects which are in the pipelines.
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                                                    PROFILE AS AT FEB 2017

James Oh is a financial, wealth and mindset specialist, thinker, leader and intensive researcher with nearly 30 years of professional working experiences in various industries such as trading, construction, aviation, movies investment and distribution. He is richly exposed in both local and international levels particularly in negotiating with the world leading aviation financiers, insurance and reinsurance brokers. 

From very humble beginning, James Oh has been gaining momentum till today. His track record includes employing his mental faculty to overcome his physical illness such as being born underweight, became a chess champion and represented his school in MPPP Chess competition under 12 in 1973; thereafter he unknowingly, use lean thinking skill to cope with his education through part time work at his age of 14; helped the founder of the company he worked with to list his company in KLSE and turning the company around when it was badly hit by the Asian Financial Crisis in 1996-7.

James has been featured in media multiple times such as the top investment magazine i.e. Smart Investor Magazine, Financial First, Money Compass, FlyMe360, Property Insight, Entrepreneur Insight, Corporate Voice Journal (MAICSA), Malaysian Institute of Insurance, Journal of Wealth Planning and Management. His articles also have been republished in Property Insight, Corporate Voice Journal (MAICSA) and Malaysian Institute Of Insurance. So far, he has published eight Ebooks, specializes in value creation.  4 out of 8 books have been upgraded to second edition and beyond. 

Moving Beyond The Horizon is the mind skill course he has conducted for in-house program with the Non-Profit Organization. He had also worked in the World Health Organization under supervision of late Prof Dr. Yap Han Heng and Worldfish. He also serves as an Associate Trainer with Kaplan Institute, Singapore and IABT Advanced in Business Training Sdn. Bhd. He has developed more than 10 training courses and conducted the courses through Institutions, Corporate and several training Providers. 

These courses comprise of Financial Interpretation and Management, Finance For Non-Financial Professionals, Lean Finance- Enhance Your Finance Intelligence Skill & Capabilities, Value Investment – Sound, Sane & Solid Approach, Lean Management- Continuous Improvement Fundamentals, Financial Ratios – Pointers for Profitability, Progress and Prosperity, Strategising Triple Bottom Lines using Blue Ocean Strategy in Challenging Times, Turn Your Analysis Into Actionable Strategies, Entrepreneurs’ Thinking, Event Management & Cost Effective, Thinking & Innovation- Enhance Your Mental Intelligence & Capabilities.

His recognition had spread quickly and he was invited to be one of the speakers at the Secretarial Conference in Kuala Lumpur on Dec 2 & 3 2015, a conference event organized by Camfori Training Provider that featured comprehensive secretarial and financial strategies and solutions featuring 10+ thought leaders and speakers. 

One of his recent article has been selected to be included as a collection of the investment supplement published by MIRA. It comprised numerous renowned authors. His limited printed copies of books were distributed to more than 300 invited members and guests in conjunction with their Investors' Relation Annual Award for 2016.

James graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from the National University of Malaysia, and Laws degree from the London of University (UK). He is a Chartered Accountant with the Malaysian Institute of Accountant, Certified Professional Trainer with IPMA (UK) & PSMB Certified Trainer and Competent Communicator with Toastmaster International.

James Oh currently is CEO cum Value Creation Specialist with Western Academy Sdn. Bhd., and HRDF Training Provider. 

He can be reached at jamesoh2003@yahoo.co.uk