Thursday, 23 March 2017

Monday, 20 March 2017



Day I

Thinking & Innovation

How to cultivate thinking and Innovation?
What are the tools and techniques?
Mental toughness

Direct, drive and deliver Value creation through 5Rs

What are 5Rs?
How those 5Rs being employed through Innovation Implementation?

Leading Performance Indicators

Back to Basics
Why numbers are important?
Numbers are the language of Business Improvement
How to read the story beyond the numbers?
What are the lagging and leading indicators?
Metric measurements, how to develop and use them?

Holistic Approach

How to aligning your strategy with the business objectives?
Build, Measure and Learn
Learn and Grow

Essential Skill

Quality aspects in term of needs, gaps and culture; how to assess
Effective Communication
Problem Solving Skills
Shape team purpose and productivity; how to
Adopt best practices
Metric measurements shape behaviour: how to
How to apply new strategic tools to create value for the company by looking beyond financial statements
How to effectively employ the new strategic tools and technique? 
Sum up / Q & A / Discussion

Day II

Qualitative aspects

The following issues will be covered:-
a.     Integrity
b.     Critical thinking
c.     Pursuit of perfection
d.     Culture of empowerment
e.     Conscious to unconscious competencies
f.      Dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic
g.     Innovative, multi- dimensional perspectives
h.     Culture of empowerment

Big picture of the organization Success

Use key performance indicators aligned to value creation; how to
Different perspectives and definitions:-
a.     Business acumen,
b.     Enhance Shareholders’ value,
c.     Understand their role in the big picture
d.     Pursuit of Perfection (concept and uses)

Economic & Business Outlook

What need to be done in this Uncertain, Volatile, Complex and Ambiguous World;
Change is certain & how to embrace change mind-set? Discussion
Why and how to focus on new opportunities & priorities
How to learn, Unlearn and relearn

Focus Area, Key opportunities & Priorities

What are the Key challenges and opportunities?
How to Master, depart and making transformation?
How to redefine your thinking process to accelerate growth?
Challenge Mastery and to have breakthrough results
Creative imagination
What are the key drivers?

Sum Up/ Q & A

Key take-back messages

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Very happy day to everyone!

I accidentally discovered my quotation along with those from the world famous and successful people. It truly makes me feel honour despite I have yet made any significant contribution. However, I believe that I may achieve so one day if I continue to press on what it takes to be there no matters what. 

Perhaps I have spent too many night in a room with mosquito and learn enough that I too can create huge impact regardless of its size.

I must confess my efforts in writing and training for the past 10 years had not been wasted. In fact, it started to bear fruit and truly blessed with all the joys like as joy of writing, joys of sharing, joys of serving and joys of dreaming.

In fact this is the gift from the above who make us out of his image. Everyone has a genius inside us. The question is whether our desire is strong enough to make connection with our inner genius.

If you are keen, pls email me at

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you

Friday, 10 March 2017


Very Happy day to all of you!

Further to my preceding announcement of reaching the highest level of thinking skill in accordance to the Bloom Taxonomy’s Model where you have witnessed how I unleashed my potentials to create contexts in the forms of articles, eBooks,facilitated more than 10 self-developed training programs ranging from 1-4 days and conducted book reviews for both local & international authors.

My labor of love spent in these field has been slowly & steadily rewarded.Thanks must be given to those who have directly and indirectly shaped me to such a level of success. Of course, this success belongs to all of us and I am just a vessel. 

In this connection, I must confess that I make all the above things possible as a consequence of  my ability to tap into my inner genius whom everyone has, as claimed by Mr. Albert Einstein.

The million dollars’ question now is how to have access to this higher mental faculty.

The good news is that it is a learnable skill. To attain such a result, we need to constantly make use of our imagination and intuition, as much as possible to reach out to our imagined goals/ results. Our judgment will improve over times, just like mastery of any skill. Hence, we must not only plan, but dream as well to achieve the impossible. To do so, we must be able to see the invisible through our minds in line with the saying that we must create at least twice. One is in the mind, followed by massive actions to materialize it.

I must say that I am a living testimonial of achieving such miracles in life which I thought impossible at one time. However, I dare to follow my intuition to go ahead and prepare to face whatever consequences.  Perhaps I have no other better alternative, but to go ahead.  I have relied so much of my intuition and developed my mindset to be so comfortable in unknown territory. Hence, I became so dumb by replacing my fear with faith as I managed to overcome many barriers along my 50 over years ups & downs journey.

Unknowingly, many times I have turned these challenges into opportunities. My proven track records of becoming chess Champion and represented my school for the MPPP chess competition under age 12, Completed my 1st Accounting Degree with local University, managed to lead a new small aviation set up to be listed on KLSE which many people thought not possible at that time, turn around the company after it was badly hit by the Asian Financial Crisis and many other subsequent breakthroughs till today. I must say that I am able to visualize my success much earlier at my entry point. My faith grows in proportionate to the success I attained. My desire fuel me to take up much greater challenge to stay alive.

I desire to attain much greater height of success despite many challenges such as when I have taken up new commitments of fulfilling my children’s dreams. After I have fulfilled my eldest son dreams, I continue to undertake a heavy commitment of admitting my youngest daughter into private medical university, besides financing my second eldest son in private university under partial scholarship.

My inner genius keeps going strong and explore means for me to fulfill this dream with ease. It fueled me to create more impactful content for my training courses in addition of using my gifted talents to help more people to unleash their potentials especially during this uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous world.

For this intended purpose, I write to kick start with like-minded people to form a master mind group. If you are keen and seriously committed, I encouraged you to email me at with your backgrounds and I shall limit the group to maximum of 15, based on first come, first serve basis.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks

James Oh

Group CEO & Founder
Lift You Up 

Thursday, 9 March 2017


Happy day to all of you!

I am pleased to bring to your immediate attention that your continuous support fueled me to reach the highest level of thinking skill according to the Bloom Taxonomy’s Model (see the diagram below) where I am able to unleash my potentials to create articles for more than 10 magazines, 8 eBooks, specialize on Value Creation, facilitated more than 10 training programs ranging from 1-4 days and conducted book reviews for more than 20 local and international authors.

My efforts into publication and creating training courses for nearly past 10 years have been slowly & steadily rewarded. I am really very thankful  to those who have directly and indirectly helped me to attain such a success. I must say that this success belongs to all of us.    

In this connection, I know that I can’t thank enough Madam Poh Yew Teoh who has continuous guided me throughout my training journey till today. Now, she even shared with me the next step of creating value in people's life, which she has just learnt from the grand great master, Mr. John C Maxwell and have learnt lots from him too
Accordingly, you should asked yourself the following 5 questions each and every day if you want to attain  great result:-

1. Do I value people? 
2. Do I think of ways on how to value people?
3. Do I look for ways to value people?
4. Did I value people today?
5. Do I encourage people to value people?

Please enlighten me on this area which I intend to master. This is the way I can pay back to those who have left their footprint deeply in my heart. I am equally grateful to have so many kind souls and people like my chess mentor, Mr. Ho from Tong Sian Primary School, late professor Dr. Yap Han Heng whom I have worked for him as his research assistant for World Health Organization & Summito Ltd. research works, for nearly a year, immediately after I completed my Malaysian Certificate of Examination.

I must say that he was the rare few who support my crazy idea of self-supporting my form six in private school. I couldn’t imagine that all these processes have strengthened me to become who I am today.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

James Oh

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Happy 😊 day, my friends. 

Further to my official announcement for the second milestones for 2017, I write to make the third milestone of republication of my article in Issue 37 of the Malaysian Insurance Institute.

Append below please find the supporting evidence. To enhance my service, I have incorporated an entity, Lift You Up to undertake all my training & publication activities. I will be the group CEO cum Founder. Your continuous support is greatly needed to take it to next level of success.  

For those who have missed my previous milestone announcement. First two were Malaysian Institute of Accountants is selling two of my training programs; Value Investment - Sane, Sound & Solid Approach (APR 18, 2017) and Lean Finance- Enhance Your Financial Intelligence & Capability (repeated May 16 & 17, 2017) in this first half of 2017. These milestones were achieved after my successful 4 days Financial bootcamp in January 2017.

Append below please find the flier for Value Investment. For details, please log into the CPE program at MIA website or

More exciting news are in the pipeline.  👀 
out and stay tuned.

Trust 2017 will bring more blessings to all of us.

James Oh 

Group CEO cum Founder

Lift You Up

Saturday, 4 March 2017




This program is designed to impart key basic knowledge to line managers about some common financial management reports to enable them to carry out simple analyses so that they can identify the health of operations and trigger their concerns for making improvement in their own areas of responsibilities. Decisions made without proper understanding of the financial implications may lead to lesser profit and a reduction in shareholder value.


By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
1.   monitor, measure, manage and motivate to achieve its desired results
2.   Understand the various financial implications that are pertinent to management control and measure effectiveness of operations
3.   Analyze the financial ratios to identify the company’s financial position confidently and able to assess the overall big picture.
4.   Carry out analyses measuring its operations, stock management and inventories control ratios through both financial & non-financial tools
5.   Make use of the 9 pointers to have quick overall brief of the company and zoom in those critical areas
6.   Craft their strategic and operational plans in sustaining its business growth and profitability.
7.   Analyze the impact of certain financial statement choices on key financial ratios and what to look for.

Key Topics:
1.   Essential financial management terminology, information and tools
2.   The importance and limitations of using numbers to predict, plan and control
3.   Main Components of Financial Statements (Balance sheet, P&L account, Cash flow Statement,    Notes to the Accounts) and integrated with company strategy and vision;
4.   The relationships, usefulness and limitations of each component of Financial Statements with real-world class cases & what to look for.
5.   Gain financial discernment and confidence to positively impact on bottom line
6.   Understanding the Big Picture of doing Business
7.   Looking beyond numbers for its story
8.   Understand the 9 Pointers of Financial Analysis and its importance
9.   How to achieve Progress, Profitability and Prosperity in today’s rapidly changing world.
10. Understanding, analyzing and using Financial & Non-Financial Ratios in management
11. Understand the Cash Operating Cycle, Cash Conversion Cycle and Free Cash Flow, their importance

Day 1:

MODULE I. 9 Pointers
·       Quick Bird’s Eye View and the template
·       What are they?
·       Why they are important?
·       How they function?
·       The Starting point of the analysis

MODULE II. Fundamental Accounting Concepts & Main Components of Financial Statements Explained
·                Back to Basics
·                5 keys Fundamental Concepts used in the preparation of financial Statements and their implications
·                What are they?
·                What is financial accounting all about?
·                Essential Accounting Concepts Real time quantitative insight to the performance of business processes
·                Enable the management to make corrective action and be in control of the processes

MODULE III. Various Financial, Non-Financial Ratios and Leading Indicators
·                Analysis and diagnostic tools
·                This session explores the various financial diagnosis, meanings, relationships, dimensions and their implications. Benchmarking, efficiency and improvement measures
·                Lagging and leading indicators
·                80/20 Rules and Principles
·                Their usefulness, relationship and limitations
·                Real Classes/Exercise/Article Discussion

MODULE IV. How to read, analyze and interpret the Financial Statements
·                What are the major components of the financial statement?
·                Mechanics and flow
·                Details Construction
·                The relationships, usefulness and limitations of each components
·                Real world class cases
·                What to look for
·                Story beyond numbers
·                Major Financial & Non-Financial Ratios
·                Uncover and appreciate what some clear warning signals are in financial statements
·                Real Classes/Exercise/Discussion

MODULE V. Cash is King

·                Be Clear Why Cash is King.
·                Understand the difference between the impact on profit and cash
·                Understand the cash operating cycle and what affects a company’s cash flow
·                Manage the cash operating cycle
·                What is Cash Conversion Cycle?
·                What is Free Cash Flow?
·                Why it is important?
·                What to be cautious about?
·                Key Drivers
·                Priorities

Sum Up/ Q & A
Key take-back messages