Happy day to all of you!

I am pleased to bring to your immediate attention that your continuous support fueled me to reach the highest level of thinking skill according to the Bloom Taxonomy’s Model (see the diagram below) where I am able to unleash my potentials to create articles for more than 10 magazines, 8 eBooks, specialize on Value Creation, facilitated more than 10 training programs ranging from 1-4 days and conducted book reviews for more than 20 local and international authors.

My efforts into publication and creating training courses for nearly past 10 years have been slowly & steadily rewarded. I am really very thankful  to those who have directly and indirectly helped me to attain such a success. I must say that this success belongs to all of us.    

In this connection, I know that I can’t thank enough Madam Poh Yew Teoh who has continuous guided me throughout my training journey till today. Now, she even shared with me the next step of creating value in people's life, which she has just learnt from the grand great master, Mr. John C Maxwell and have learnt lots from him too
Accordingly, you should asked yourself the following 5 questions each and every day if you want to attain  great result:-

1. Do I value people? 
2. Do I think of ways on how to value people?
3. Do I look for ways to value people?
4. Did I value people today?
5. Do I encourage people to value people?

Please enlighten me on this area which I intend to master. This is the way I can pay back to those who have left their footprint deeply in my heart. I am equally grateful to have so many kind souls and people like my chess mentor, Mr. Ho from Tong Sian Primary School, late professor Dr. Yap Han Heng whom I have worked for him as his research assistant for World Health Organization & Summito Ltd. research works, for nearly a year, immediately after I completed my Malaysian Certificate of Examination.

I must say that he was the rare few who support my crazy idea of self-supporting my form six in private school. I couldn’t imagine that all these processes have strengthened me to become who I am today.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

James Oh