Very happy day to everyone!

I accidentally discovered my quotation along with those from the world famous and successful people. It truly makes me feel honour despite I have yet made any significant contribution. However, I believe that I may achieve so one day if I continue to press on what it takes to be there no matters what. 

Perhaps I have spent too many night in a room with mosquito and learn enough that I too can create huge impact regardless of its size.

I must confess my efforts in writing and training for the past 10 years had not been wasted. In fact, it started to bear fruit and truly blessed with all the joys like as joy of writing, joys of sharing, joys of serving and joys of dreaming.

In fact this is the gift from the above who make us out of his image. Everyone has a genius inside us. The question is whether our desire is strong enough to make connection with our inner genius.

If you are keen, pls email me at jamesoh2003@yahoo.co.uk.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you