MY COLLABORATION BRIEFING                                              Jan 6, 2017

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Very good day to Everyone. 
First and foremost, I like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Paul for inviting me to present my collaboration proposal papers for the kind consideration of the board of this esteemed association.

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Who am I?
I am a Malaysian who holds professional degrees in both Law and Accounting. I am also a Certified Professional Trainer. I have experience in listing a Company in the KLSE and also helped the  founder to turn around the company during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997.

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You may relate me to 3Bs. Guess what are they? Basically these are blogs, Books and Business.

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I began my first blog at my late forties. Today, I have more than a dozen blogs. Someone had expressed his interest in acquiring my first blog.

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Thereafter, I compiled my posts and began to publish my books in digital format specializing in Value Creation.

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I had developed several training programs, based on my books and conducted courses with several financial institutes, business club and associations.

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For me to reach out wider market, I also published both online and offline articles in magazines.

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From time to time, I conduct both interviews and book reviews for both local and international authors so as to enhance my knowledge.

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These are my contact details and reply policy. You are encouraged to join my fan page for further updates.

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You may wonder “who is this man?”
This man had played a significant part in my life by touching and transforming me. He was my primary school teacher cum chess mentor, who had made me a chess champion and made me represent my school in MPPP chess competition under 12.

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These are some of the services I can offer to your esteemed association. My specialties are in value creation, innovation, strategies and mindset.

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In addition, I can collaborate with your association as strategic Business partner by combining our resources and offering our combined services to your members.

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These are some of the benefits we can obtain by our tie up.

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Now finally it comes to the most exciting time , i.e. Q and A.

Any more questions from the floor before I end?.   Thank you again and look forward to hearing from you.