LEAN FINANCE WORKSHOP SPEECH                                              

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Very good morning, Everyone. 
Can you please check through your folder? Make sure that it contains the complete worksheet and presentation slides. You may use it for filing additional notes, hands-out and papers given periodically. 

Thanks to the organizer who has given me an excellent introduction. Give him a round of applause.

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Are you setting your priority right?
Keys to success -results (Rigor, Excellence, Strategy, Urgency, Leverage, Results and Systems.) Energy flow where intention goes, result shown.
There are 3 kinds of People
  1. Pro-Active –   Always seek solution
-       Don’t like being told
-       Initiate to make thing happen
-       Move out from comfort zones
  1. Reactive    –    have to be pushed
-       Just follow
-       Wait for things to  happen
  1. Dead – absolute
Just reflect what kind of people are you.
Please queue up and share what you have learned from this game. Does it truly reflect your current situation?

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Please queue up to share what you have learned from this game. Be the first 8.
Level of commitment from everyone.
Pledge – refer to page

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Take a piece of paper and let us all do it together. Fold the paper into half twice. Write your name on both sides of the paper, which you are going to use it for the day as your name holder.

May I be allowed to make a minor seat adjustment so that we have a better balance in terms of the number of each team represented by your table number 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on?

Remember always you can come and see me for any small issue.
However, please consult your team members if you have big problem. Agreeable?

Now, I give you 5 minutes to list down on what you want to get or accomplish from this workshop?

(How do we get the audience attention, participation and engagement? How do we maintain their attention throughout the duration? (Relevant to them especially in their fields and not me)

Do not let the PowerPoint slides sabotage our reputation? Not spoken?

Does anyone not have any financial/accounting background, please show of hands?


Please raise your hand for those who are accountants by profession? Financial personnel? Operational personnel? Any other profession which I have not mentioned.

What you all think about an accountant? What characteristics /perception others normally have on us?

How can we gain credibility as the qualified financial personnel?

May I hear some of your experience on how you have gained credibility from the rest? Walk your talk.
May I assume that you all have known each other?
Do you see each other frequently?
Do you know each other well?

Share my story with the Surgeon that we all deal with dead things whereas they deal with life. Contrary to his own action without realizing that his assumption is wrong.
Anyone lives outside Klang? Where?

How many have children? What is your view on them?

Slide 5 to 11
Permit me to introduce myself. By 1st accident I became an Accountant. That’s part of the reason; I completed my 2nd professional degree before I become a socialpreneur, trainer cum author. 

Slide 12
Make a guess who is this man? He was my primary school teacher cum chess trainer. He made me a chess Champion and I represented my school in MPPP chess competition under 12. He touched and transformed my life. Since then I learnt to use my mental faculty to overcome my physical weakness due to born underweight and many breakthrough. I can’t thank this man enough for transforming me to become who I am today.

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Can someone use one word to describe about today’s market place?
What we really need? Learn faster, one excellent example is Nokia. Can someone tell the history of Nokia?

Slide 14
To response appropriately is to adapt to the external changes.
To make and adopt internal changes

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Better than The Best way
Do and reflect?

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Ground rules during the workshop

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Do you want to know the menu I have prepared for you?

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These are 3 dishes I have prepared for you. We will complete before lunch and complete the remaining Modules after lunch. Is it fine with everyone?

These are the dishes I have prepared for you today and trust you find them delicious.

How many of you believe that you may have these practices and principles in your personalized life and profession? I do.

Share my stories as how I have successfully used this technique to cope with my studies during my childhood days.

How far you have applied these lean principles in your organization?
Anyone is born in the Lean Environment?

Slide 19 to 49


Why Lean?
What is lean?
This workshop is designed to shape your habit accordingly. You will be encouraged to participate actively and have fun. We are of course committed to your learning experience and growth.
Why is it important and relevant in today’s business environment?
Can you relate to the earlier video?
Learn and Grow
What are its drivers?
Is it relevant in today’s business environment? Especially in the logistics industry; Critical component in the Supply Chain.


Shall we go back to our worksheet and form a group of 3. Count 1 to 3 from my right. Group 1 will comprise of those with 1 and similarly to Group 2 and 3. There are 4 sections in this assignment. Please discuss with your group member a precise example and tick those areas that are relevant to you. I will give you 30 minutes and you may start now.
How many of you have all ticks?

Please step forward to share your experiences, as to how you are going to integrate into your daily practices.


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WHAT ARE THE 5 Rs and why they are so important?

To be a lean champion, I want everyone to pledge the LEAN CHAMPION DECLARATION with me, you may find it on page ……Are you ready? 3, 2, 1 and Go.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I invite our two winners to lead us pledge the Lean Champion Declaration. Give them round of applause.
For those who have not spotted the opportunity, you may use the above 5 tips to polish up your skill.

Lunch – where and when we need to come back?

Slide 55

Blind fold Game -Debrief

Slide 56
Lagging and leading indicators?
Lean Performance Indicator = Lean diet
That must be able to help those people in the front line to make informed decision.
Article Financial Pointers – Progress, Profit and Prosperity

Slide 60
80 /20 rules

Slide 61
Value Stream Analysis
Balls Passing Stimulation – Debrief
Relate to Box Score in the subsequent slide

Slide 62
Value Stream Approach
A tool which helps you to look at the entire process that may affect the outcome of your decision.

Slide 69-91
Key Result Areas
Picking up those critical indicators in your areas

Slide 92 - 106

“What gets measured, get done.” Tom Peters.
Games – Solving Accounts Payable Problems
What is accounting?
What is Lean Accounting?
To give you a better picture, we need to go back and make comparison with the Traditional Accounting that we know of.
Go back and look at page …… of your worksheet.
The differences – Absorption of overhead
Challenges to Lean Accounting
Ladies and gentlemen, may I invite the leader of winner team to lead us pledge the Lean Champion Declaration. Give him round of applause.
Lean vs Traditional Accounting
Works against Lean
Experience and wasteful
Misleading, wrong & harmful information. E.g. Price = Cost + Profit
Complex & confusing to people
Now I want to link what you have learned from the above game in terms of:-
1.     Performance Measurement
Primary method of lean control for meeting customers’ needs and driving continuous improvement.

2.     Wasteful Transaction Elimination
Save time, money and confusion by radical elimination of wasteful transactions.

3.     Financial Impact of Lean Improvement
Understand the financial impact of Lean improvement and create a money making strategy.

4.     Target Costing
Drive the business from the customer value and not the cost.

5.     Lean Decision Making
Manage the business by value streams with accountability for growth, profitability and continuous improvement.

6.     Value Stream Costing
Simple, direct and accurate way to create financial reports

From the above activities, you will realize that assuming profit is from optimizing flow on actual demand (pull signals) from the customers; waste is any resource that impedes flow.
Control is achieved through attention to flow, waste and access capacity provides flexibility.
Prepare a cost analysis for calculating the cost of the value stream, which replaces the standard costing system.

Value Stream profitability and contribution margin become the basis for business decisions.

Strategic Issue              Strategic Measures    Value Stream Measures     Process Measure
Improve Cash flow          Sales Growth                Sales Per Person                 Daily Production
In Sales + Market Share   Cash from operation     On time delivery                 WIP to SWIP
Continuous culture           Inventory Days         First Time through               First time through
Improvement               On time delivering        Average Cost/unit      Operational Effectiveness

Why are metrics important?
Metrics send a message to employees as to what management thinks is important.
-       Employees want to appear to be doing what management wants them to do.
-       Metrics shaped behavior.
Strategic Goals                                      
What do we have to do to reach there?
How do we know if we are achieving our goal?
What will we measure our progress against?

Slide 107-108
Finding cost effective solution
What is Takt time