Happy day to everyone,


For those who know me long enough, have seen me demonstrate how I took my blog to publish EBooks before I turn them into my business by regularly conducting book reviews, self-developed training programs and articles publication both online and offline.

At the point of writing this post, I have self-written and published 8 books specialized on value creation. Of which four out of eight are in second edition and beyond.


You can see how far I progressed. I was born underweight in the early sixties and many of my relatives taught that I couldn't survive long. Since then, everyday to me is the bonus.


Having said so, I have started schooling while working part-time since young to self-finance my study to pull me out from poverty trap. I have a breakthrough when I achieved a grade one in my M.C.E. Exam (last batch) in 1979.

However, my achievement was short live. This is because I was not even able to obtain a place in my sixth form. Consequently, I began working with the late Professor as his Research Assistant with W.H.O and Sumitomo projects.

I accidentally discovered my talent by passing my L.C.C.I intermediate book keeping during my short-term job there. I then committed to expand my uncomfortable zones by pursuing my form six in private school with self- financing by giving private tuition 6 days a week as I went against my parent’s objection. 

With God’s blessing and hard work, I managed to obtain good results in my S.T.P.M (first batch) despite all the odds. Again, Lord is strengthening me to be stronger and wiser.

Similar event happened at my mid thirties which enable me to help the founder of a Company to overcome all the odds and get the private company, with a million plus as paid up capital to be listed on the K.L.S.E far beyond lots of people’s expectations.

The good story does not end there. I also managed to turn around the company which was hit by the Asian Financial crisis in 1997-8. That made me accomplished everything I dreamed of before I hit my forties. 

I fell into a much deeper valley again when I lost my passion and profession, result of me failing to obtain justice for my still born son when I had promised him.


At this point, I am gradually lost my mental power which was working so well for me in the past. I have no other choice but to tap into new source of power to bounce back from the bottom less pitch. With the help from the above, I therefore, was able to master the form and flow with the formless. Everything turns out to be so fruitful yet effortless. I must say that it is not my effort but rather I took the ride on the third forces to have several breakthroughs till today. Blessings breed blessings.

Now you can see that I have climbed many mountains and walk through many valleys in my fifty-year journey. My wealthy experience make my life more colorful, complete and meaningful.

In short, I have built a rock foundation for something much bigger than myself and the beauty is that I am not doing alone, I must say.