BT, my running journey follow your teaching exactly. 

First, you must have a thought, a purpose and a reason to do it. Second, just do it, along the way, you want to give up but your believe system and discipline bring your back for more exercise. As you exercise more, you find that your stamina increase . Your motivation goes up and you continue. As you start joining some running event, the reward motivate you to keep going. When you reach a satisfactory level, you start chasing your personal best record, keep on improving your record.

In addition, you keep going to difference places to run, it broaden your mind, been to places where your car normally will not go. Breathe more fresh air. See many different people. It inspires and empower you when you see so many people with less capability than you and yet they run better than you. Very soon, I will go different states or even international . 

My next target is go Bangkok run. So, it sound similar to your mind control ideas and thought to a certain extent. Anyway, this is part of my retirement plan.

Alex Lee FY