I am James Oh, Value Creation Specialist, at Western Academy Sdn. Bhd. Meaning to increase your revenue and reduce your waste using the lean practices and principles. Collaborate and leverage with my strategic partners's strengths to grow exponentially.  

You may relate me to 3 Bs. Do you want to know? I started my Blogs at my late forties and published my Book (digital form as my marketing tools) before I turn them into my Business ( Training, articles writing and book reviewing) in order for me to attain and sustain my business growth and prosperity.

I was born under weight and was a sickly child. Many of my relatives do not expect me to live long.

I am now still staying stronger despite my advancing age and thanks to my Chess mentor , Mr Ho from my Primary School who have transformed my life since then . He not only trained me to be chess champion to participate in The Penang State Chess Competition under 12, but make me realize that I can make wise use of my mental faculty to overcome my physical weakness. 

Since then, I managed to unlock my mental faculty and overcome my physical weakness and achieve many things I once thought not possible.

Fortunately, I then discovered my life purpose during my darken days when I lost my passion and purpose in life due to my stillborn baby. Thanks God for giving me the spiritual strength to overcome all these weaknesses. That drives me to help people to stay stronger even if there is a remote chance of success. 

My greatest lesson in life is to discover my life purpose and trust I am a living proof. Thanks you and hope it inspire you too.