As some of you may well aware that there is so much discussion on value creation globally. We, at Money Tells Stories, also write to put forward our perspective in this regard. To us, value creation is definitely more than financial performance. Underlying the financial performance is the 6 Ps (Profit, Performance, Process, Purpose, People and Planet) we advocate. The global financial crisis of 2007-08 has proven our point. Sustainable Value creation is more inclined to circular growth instead of linear growth.

However, our ever-lasting progress has badly reconfigured our planet and what we have done now is many times than much faster the last century. Now we are facing with the worse environmental impacts, driven particularly by climate change and resource depletion. As the world’s population continues to grow at its exponential rates, the point of sustainability becomes more evidence.

The next question asked is how can business respond to these challenges? Of course, we can’t using the same old lenses, ideas and methods that have dominated the way our companies have worked over the last decade, or even the last century. We need to think of a new model for sustainable value creation that is more inclined to circular growth.

The good news is that there are already companies engaged in inventing this next phase of change. For instance, a number of companies that have started to think differently and much broader sense to overcome the challenges we face.

At the heart of our unit, we are truly committed to finding new ways to build sustainable value by way of finding the balancing our short-term performance with our long-term objectives. This is exactly the sort of thinking that needed to build sustainable value. We hope you can help us to make our dream into reality so as we can significantly playing our roles in resolving this challenges and leave a good legacy. 

Value Creation Specialist

James Oh