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I am James Oh, A Value Creation Specialist and I’m the Founder of the Money Tells Stories Blog.

I would like to take this special moment to welcome you onboard.  We are so excited and grateful that you have decided to dive in with us to this life inspiring, influencing and changing financial stuff.

We believe you will feel comfortable as if it is your home here, surrounded by like-minded people who are serious and dedicated about their personal growth and long to learn more about themselves and people around them.

Like you, we believe lifelong learning is imperative, inevitable and change is mandatory. Just like parachute, the more you expand your mind, the better your life becomes and there is no limit to how best it can serve you.

We also believe that the formal educational system is not perfect. At times, it basically hammers information INTO our head, if we are not careful; instead of drawing OUT the unique talents, skills and interests of each person. To be effective, it needs to be an inside out approach.

Be cautious and don’t let education be what goes in instead of what we have inside. Our unique intellectual faculties—the will, perception, reason, memory, intuition and imagination is far more important because this is what we have in the first place. When we develop the faculties of our mind, we can tap into the power of our mind that makes us special and powerful.

As such, it is our mission to continuously draw out the knowledge and power that is already inside of you and make the best of you.

We look forward to helping you discover who you really are, achieve your goals and live an extraordinary life that the world is long waiting for. I am not kidding here.

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James Oh

Value Creation Specialist