Friday, 16 December 2016




1. Identify gaps against leading practices and benchmarks
2. Propose speed and efficiency by enhancing value add activities and eliminating waste
3. Suggest the process design with reduced transmissions, standardisation and automation of low-value, high volume transaction processing.
4. Explain the move from manual and detective to automated and preventive controls
5. Justify and optimise the cost of the finance function

Target Audience    Research Analysts, Fund & Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors & Managers, Financial Planners, Public Investors, Directors , Chief Executive Officers, Audit Committees, Chief Financial Officers, Head of Risk Management/Internal Control, Internal/External Auditors, Examiners, Fund Managers, Investment Analysts, Corporate Finance , Academicians and Researchers.


Module 1    Strategic role of finance function & Challenges

Re evaluate Finance professionals and decision making in-
a. Enhancing Shareholders’ value,
b. Understanding their role in the big picture
c. Pursuit of Perfection (concept and uses) through Lean Principles and Practices

Module 2    Financial, Non- Financial Ratios and Lean Performance Indicators

What are the lagging and leading indicators?
Value Stream Concept, approach and uses, Metric measurements, how to develop and use them?

Module 3    Lean Principles and Practices

Skills Analysis in terms of financial, market, statistical and propose sophisticated modelling techniques

Module 4    Lean Strategic Focus

What is strategic planning?
How should business approach their strategic planning?
What are the attributes of a Good Planning Framework?
Lead-Think-Plan-Act, What are the steps in Strategic Planning and Management? Understand the differences between capabilities and competencies

Module 5    Transactional to Transformational process & real-time quantitative
Global connectivity, smart machines, new media and the evolution of governance are just some of the key drivers reshaping the expectations of all stakeholders. Case Study: Toyota, AliBaba

Tuesday, 6 December 2016



We are deeply delighted to officially announce another fantastic month of November 2016 mainly due to strong supports from our strategic partners and new corporate client. The collective healthy collaboration amongst us makes more things happen for the betterment of the society. This is the well accepted recipe for any great achievement so long as everyone plays their part no matter how small is their individual portion. We are proud to be part of these memorable and meaningful events.

You reap what you sow; this is the natural law which can never go wrong. As we work steadfastly for better value, we will continuously help others along our way.

As usual, our articles were featured in the local magazines namely Money Compass and Homefinder, which were also converted into Digital Publishing. I have been publishing my articles both in hard copy and digital and the latter is the innovative way in the publishing industry.

Another breakthrough news is that one of my recent articles has been selected to be republished next year. What a great gift before the year end of 2016. As such, I am deeply grateful to Malaysian Financial Planning Committee for given consent for one of their affiliates to republish my article in their magazines. Hence, make us reach a wider market.
                                          Homefinder Nov 2016
                                       Money Compass, Nov - Dec 2016


Hope you will obtain a copy of the above magazines and let us know how we can serve you better by improving our part. Thanks you in advance.

Meanwhile we also managed to penetrate in the corporate world by conducting our lean finance through Western Academy Sdn. Bhd. It serves as one vehicle to conduct HRDF programs. Another milestone for the year of 2016 which we have included the photos in our link at Please help us to spread the word around your circle of contacts.

Many thanks to the people who contributed to our growth over the years; as we evolve over the years. Thanks to our family for continuing to trust us, all our existing strategic partners who moved with us through a roller coaster ride, my editor cum partner for believing in the journey and hustling non-stop, the customers for the continued trust in us with their returning visits and our budding entrepreneur friends. You guys are amazingly awesome to be working with. If not for your effort, we can’t imagine how we would be.

Stay tune for more exciting stories ahead. One thing is certain; we will continue to obtain much more blessings as we thrive for excellence. Excellence is not an act, but rather a habit.